Dr. Kim Lalonde

Dr. Kim Lalonde
Dr. Kim Lalonde Barrie Vision Centre
221 Cundles Road East
Barrie, Ontario

I am an optometrist practicing in Barrie, Ontario. I had been working as an associate for 7 years when I purchased the practice I was working at in 2011.

At first, things seemed to be rolling along smoothly. However, I was just going with the flow, not keeping a pulse on what was going on. Then things started unravelling. I started to keep track of stats, but had no clue how to proceed from there. I muddled along for 2 more years, hitting a big crater early on in 2014. That was when an AMI representative contacted me.

I was intrigued, so I went for the free practice evaluation. I signed on to work with them, and haven’t looked back since. They’ve taught me how to run the practice more efficiently, how to get the most out of my staff. Now, instead of taking money out of a credit line to keep up the cash flow, I am making payments towards that credit line. Office protocols are in place, so everyone knows what is expected of them. And I am sure that I now have the knowledge to deal with any downturns.

My practice is headed in the right direction, and I now know how to steer it.

Dr. Kim Lalonde, Optometrist