Dr. Ken Metzger

Dr. Ken Metzger
5200 Ament Line
Linwood, ON N0B 2A0

When I first met with AMI just over a year ago, Janice asked me what I wanted to achieve by taking the AMI program. I told her “I wanted a life”. My work – life balance was out of whack. My phone rang constantly sixteen hours a day and yet I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job managing the business. I was busy, but not spending my time on the right things. Important business management tasks were not being addressed properly. Although the business was still expanding, it felt like it was becoming more and more out of control.

Bob (my consultant) quickly identified the key factors necessary to achieve business stability. The first one was to find out what the key people in the organization need and provide it for them so that they stay “locked in”. The second was to make changes so I could better manage my own time. I now do a lot fewer farm calls, but the ones I do are to service key accounts. More importantly, I have made business management a priority instead of trying to fit it in at the end of a busy day. Thirdly, we put a management system in place that ensures continued but sustainable growth. We now manage by statistics and as a result, make better business decisions.

Our client base has grown by 27% and gross revenue has grown by 32% in the past year. I’m working less, my business is more stable and I’m enjoying life more. I credit AMI for the remarkable transformation in just one year.

Dr. Ken Metzger, Veterinarian