Dr. Joëll LaBrie

512 Hugel Avenue
Midland ON L4R 1V7


Thinking back to before I started with AMI…..I was tired, stressed, and felt somewhat powerless.  I thought that was how all business owners felt and that my practice was doing well (or as well as it could).  However, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

As dentists we receive very little business training in school.  No wonder I wasn’t as good a manager as I could be.  AMI taught me how to become a business manager and a leader for my staff.  I learned a lot from every course I took with AMI and it’s incredible what effect this had on my business and my personal life.

The practice performs better.  All staff, including myself, are happier, less stressed and more productive.

I think AMI works well because they teach you how to make changes for the better.  All changes to office procedure come from you, the practice owner; not from an outside consultant – a stranger – coming in and telling your staff how to make things better.

AMI has changed how I view the world and how I interact with staff, patients, friends and family.

It’s never too late in your career to work with AMI – but the sooner, the better.

Dr. Joëll LaBrie, BHSc, DDS