Dr. Jodi Nickerson

(902) 543-5713
447 York St.
Bridgewater, NS B4V 3K1

I have had great success with the program at The Art Of Management. For me, it’s been great to have access to a consultant. My Consultant Philippe gives great advice and always has an interesting perspective on things. He’s insightful and that is always helpful. It’s nice to be able to get his opinion on things and to be able to bounce ideas off him.

Moreover, the program at AMI has helped me take control of my practice. I had problems asserting myself with staff and AMI gave me the courage to handle this. I have also benefited financially; we have had some of our best months production-wise since starting with AMI. Keeping track of production, down time, no-shows, etc., has helped me get a good handle on things.

All of this gives me a feeling of well-being and enables me to relax and enjoy my work instead of feeling stressed.

I highly recommend AMI’s services!

Dr. Jodi Nickerson, Dentist