Dr. Jeff Sheppard

Dr. Jeff Sheppard 168 Rothesay Avenue, Unit 3
Saint John, NB
E2J 2B5
Phone: (506) 635-8182

When I first started using The Art Of Management’s services, I was already producing what many chiropractors are just aspiring to.  However, I still felt that my two practices could be busier and I wanted to see more patients in the same amount of hours.  What I didn’t expect was that they would double in a year!

The changes that AMI helped me to implement were done gradually over a year so there was no big shock of change for the staff or myself.  They gave me the tools to smoothly grow my practices at a much faster rate.  One of the biggest changes was learning how to manage by statistics and that affected our growth the most.  This change in management style was the point where the increases really started to happen.

I am now better at managing my staff and they are all on the same page with my goals for the practices. The communication and efficiency in dealing with patients and staff is enhanced, and that’s what really helps me drive things.  All my systems took effect faster and we got more productive quicker.  Patient satisfaction was maintained or improved while productivity went up 100%.

Definitely any healthcare professional whose goals are to have a more efficient practice and higher productivity levels at the end of the day and week should call AMI and see if they can help you too.

Dr. Jeff Sheppard, Chiropractor