Dr. Jacqueline Boyd

Dr. Jacqueline Boyd
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Phone calls at home, calls while on vacation, daily e-mails… there always seemed to be an issue at work. People being squeezed onto the schedule during busy times while other times in the day there was no one — leaving us questioning the quality of our care during those rush times. We hired an associate to take the strain off and to free up space in what seemed like an overburdened schedule and yet the practice stagnated. What was I doing wrong? I always seemed to be managing a problem at work and it never got better no matter what I tried.

That’s when I turned to AMI. After only our first meeting with our consultant the changes we wanted to make (and didn’t know how) were in place. After that first meeting billings immediately started increasing, the schedule eased and the work/life balance became a possibility.

Never underestimate the havoc poor management can have on your practice. Thanks to AMI, our practice has policies, clear job descriptions, good communication and a discipline policy. I can now effectively give clear orders, set goals, start projects and manage, based on facts rather than guess work. The practice is turning into a well-oiled machine and I am finally able to focus on my personal and professional goals.

Dr. Jacqueline Boyd, Chiropractor