Dr. Derrick Thornborrow

Waterdown Optometric Clinic
301 Dundas St. East
Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0

About one and a half years ago I attended a seminar put on by The Art of Management regarding their practice management consultant services and courses they offer. At that time I was looking for solutions to help with practice management, especially with regards to human resources and staff management. I felt that somewhere along the line I lost control, staff morale was down and I had no solution. I thought that in all other facets our practice was fine, things couldn’t be better, the practice had grown nicely but had leveled out over the last few years… I was wrong!

With the consultation advice, we quickly turned the practice around with regards to staff management and human resources. The courses that I took equipped me with the tools and skills required to manage far more effectively, and the practice income increased 25% over the next 12 months. As well, the increases in efficiency and productivity allowed me to work 20% less! The fundamentals that the courses taught me are applicable beyond the realm of the practice.

The practice has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I got my sanity back. We now are well into our second fiscal year after taking The Art of Management courses and our practice is continuing to grow in excess of 25% in spite of the recent changes in OHIP.

Thank you Art Of Management!

Dr. Derrick Thornborrow, Optometrist