Dr. Dennis Milenov

Dr. Dennis Milenov
Dr. Dennis Milenov Begg Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

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Before signing up with AMI I had been in practice for 10 years with moderate success. I enjoyed what I was doing but I wasn’t where I thought I would be at that point in my career. AMI did a thorough assessment of my practice and showed me the areas that needed to be addressed to unlock the potential to grow. They were confident that they could help and they certainly delivered.

The business courses and consulting at AMI were instrumental in providing me with the foundation to run my practice effectively. AMI didn’t ask me to change my style of practice, or make any alterations I was uncomfortable with. What they gave me was the missing piece in my education, one that is arguably the most important – the skills and strategies for business success.

In the real world, practice and life aren’t always predictable. Through my first year of consulting, my practice grew and I saw the work I was doing with AMI return the results I had hoped for. Unfortunately, during this time my employer suffered a terminal illness that created a new set of challenges, stresses and decisions. With AMI’s guidance, in a few months I went from an associate with a growing practice to an owner of a multidisciplinary practice with new, expanded responsibilities. AMI was there every step of the way. My consultant and coach and the team at AMI were there to assist me through the process with advice on everything from my practice purchase, transition process, to hiring an associate. The consulting advice made the entire transition seamless. My year certainly brought some unique circumstances to the table and AMI handled everything professionally. Experience certainly matters.

I now have the tools to objectively manage my practice using statistics so I can continually monitor practice performance. I have the confidence and skills to effectively lead my team and continue to grow to meet my practice goals.

Going through the program with AMI was the most important business decision I have made in my career. Today, my practice is thriving, I love what I do, and I have more free time to spend with my family.

Thank you AMI!

Dr. Dennis Milenov, Chiropractor