Dr. David Lemiski

Dr. David Lemiski
Dr. David Lemiski Vernon Veterinary Clinic
805 Kalamalka Lake Road
Vernon, BC V1T 6V4

Like most young professionals, early in my veterinary career, I envisioned practicing into my 40’s, 50’s and maybe 60’s at a high standard, confidently, comfortably and profitably. Most importantly, I expected to enjoy veterinary practice.

Unfortunately, eighteen months ago, at age 48 I found myself in a virtual maelstrom. I felt our multi-vet partnership had become dangerously dysfunctional. Our older partner felt burnt out and wanted out and the others suffered a variety of frustration, resentment and stress due to problems in our partnership agreement and pressures of the practice. We all felt seriously overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. Relations between partners and staff were strained and interaction amongst staff was riddled with conflict.

After reviewing our practice, the management at AMI assured us they could solve any and all of our concerns and went so far as to guarantee that, at a minimum, if we followed their instruction, we would recoup all expenses incurred with AMI within our first year.

One year later we can say that our partnership agreement is reworked and functioning well and income of the practice is up substantially. Most importantly, staff morale, efficiency and cooperation is significantly improved. A most welcome transformation. We now employ a management system that closely tracks performance using meaningful statistics, rewards highly functioning employees and provides positive direction to everyone in the practice.

We have significantly improved our ability to seek out motivated positive employees, to run the hospital in a more efficient manner, to improve and excel at our relationships with clients and to have our staff striving to offer the best of care.

Once again I enjoy coming to work. Stress is reduced and we focus on doing great things for our patients and clients. My early expectations of professional practice are back on track. Our decision to go with AMI has been our single best decision. Thank you to Bob and Janice Wheeler and the entire team at AMI. Thank you.

Dr. David Lemiski, Veterinarian