Dr. Craig Anderson

Markham Family Chiropractic And Physiotherapy
128 Main Street North
Markham, ON
L3P 1Y1
Phone: 905-472-0082

Prior to my initial meeting with Janice at AMI, my practice was in a rut. We were nowhere near optimal capacity, had no firm measurements in place of our performance, and had no clear programs for office procedures and policies, marketing and promotion, or even patient retention. As a result, we had not grown in a few years. We were stagnant and without clear direction.

Upon joining AMI, I have learned how to effectively track our performance at the clinic and individual-practitioner level. This has given us the basic tools necessary to optimize and measure the effectiveness of our efforts in a number of areas crucial to professional success, from office protocols to patient experience and marketing.

Over a year later, we are now enjoying a 20-30% average increase in our income, and have clear systems in place to monitor our progress towards established goals. This fundamental methodology greatly reduces the day-to-day and long-term stress of running the clinic as it takes a lot of guess work and anxiety out of the practice-running equation.

Thanks for your help, AMI!

Dr. Craig Anderson, Chiropractor