Dr. Ann-Marie Chokani

PA Foot & Orthotic Clinic
218 – 2345 10 Avenue W.
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7V6
(306) 765-6326

I started as a client with The Art of Management when I first opened my own private practice after working for someone else for over 15 years. When I heard about The Art Of Management, it was important to me to start my business off with the right tools for success.

My practice started out in an unusual manner; I had more patients than I knew how to handle. I did not know where to start. I immediately learned how to prioritize my patients correctly and the sequence with which to handle the backlog that I had the moment I opened my practice! I learned how to streamline the charting, become more efficient and how to use my staff properly to get all of the work done. I am no longer drowning.

Since starting with The Art Of Management I am able to process more patients and be more efficient in less time while also learning the value of my staff and how to correctly manage them. I am learning the management tools I need to take my practice to new levels.

The Art Of Management helped me to implement a scheduling and recall system, which I did not have before. Last year, my profession went private in our province. The consultant helped me to take all of the necessary planning actions to transition over to the new patient method, and because of that, business is increasing.

The personal benefit in all of this for me is I am a much happier person now. I do not take work home with me anymore, whether in bags or in my head, and my family time is actually time with my family. The Art Of Management helped me to want to go to work again!

Thank you for helping me achieve this.

Dr. Ann-Marie Chokani, Podiatrist