Dr. Andy Acton

Dr. Andy Acton
Dr. Andy Acton 306-459-2422
PO Box 387
Ogema, SK S0C 1Y0

I am very grateful for the expertise of all the staff at AMI.

Our practice has experienced considerable growth in the past year or so, and achieving this growth was a lot easier and more manageable because of our relationship with AMI.

Many of the practice management issues I had wrestled with for years became clear and easy to deal with once I had completed the courses in the Affluence Program. Until that point, practice management had usually taken the form of talking to friends and colleagues about practice challenges, gathering the best ideas, mushing them all together, and trying to form management policy. Not a great way to run a business!

Our practice mix includes beef cattle general practice and consulting, swine herd health, and companion animal practice (small animal and equine). After 16 years in the same practice (my first after graduation), I can say that the past year has been one of my favourites – perhaps only surpassed by next year!

Whatever comes our way, I now have the tools I need and the expertise to draw on whenever we need.

Many thanks to all of the staff at AMI – keep up the good work!

Dr. Andy Acton, Veterianrian