Dr. Andrew Hager

Dr. Andrew Hager
Dr. Andrew Hager 1-225 Erie St. S
Leamington, ON  N8H 3C1

I completed the AMI program just over a year ago.  Before undertaking this program, my management style was decidedly “seat of my pants ”.  I was swamped with patients and management paperwork and yet never seemed to be able to get ahead.  This “overwork” problem began to spill over into my family life as well.

During the course, I learned how to plan, set goals, track key statistics and to me, possibly the most important , strike a balance between work and home.

I have to say it is no coincidence that the year since completing the management program with AMI has been the best ever in my 9 years as a practice owner.  We are busy enough that I am bringing in a new full time associate and yet I seem to have more time on my hands than before.

Thank you to everyone at AMI for helping me to turn things around.

Andrew Hager, Optometrist

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