Dr. Alma Iancau

1232 Brookdale Ave,
Cornwall, ON K6J 4P8

Dear Colleague:

Before becoming an AMI client, my practice seemed busy but I was working crazy hours, the schedule was out of control, profit was going down and things were a mess.  I decided I needed some management skills and a friend of mine who is using AMI’s services recommended them.

As I went through their program of management training and one-on-one consulting and coaching, things got better and better.  I improved the systems and structure, got the schedule straightened out, was able to take time for lunch, everything became more efficient, and the production and profitability improved substantially.

My ability to understand and interact with my staff (and patients) has definitely improved. I was like a dictator with my staff before AMI and now I am more like a coach, which is nicer!  My staff as a team are calmer and happier because they know what they have to do now that everything is more structured.

I have actually started to like the management side of things.  I come to work with pleasure and more confidence in running the business.  I know what to do as I am more grounded with management skills.  I am able to go on holidays and still have good production for the month, and the staff knows what to do when I’m not there.

I would definitely recommend AMI to anyone who has a business and wants to enjoy it more!


Dr. Alma Iancau