Abigail Feige

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I started out in the dental field as a teenager working in the lab at my father’s denture practice.  Immediately upon graduating, I entered the George Brown College Denture Therapy Program and graduated in 1983.

I began working as a Denturist for my father Arnold in his practice, as well as assisting in the practices of my two uncles, Horst Feige in Sarnia and Peter Feige in Mount Forest and Owen Sound.


When the Fall of 2003 rolled around, my father decided to semi retire and I was faced with taking over the management of the practice.  I had been making dentures for decades but did not know how to run a practice – you know, the management part of it where we get no training in school.

Some of my friends and relatives had used the services of The Art of Management (AMI) to help them take control of their practices and expand their operations and I had heard pretty good things about their services.  I decided, therefore, to take the smart route and get their training BEFORE taking over the running of the practice.  I knew I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.


Having an AMI consultant guide me through the transition step by step was also very beneficial.  Likewise, learning how to read and manage by statistics and how to apply specific formulas based on the statistics really made the difference.  The consultant also guided me to start a program of marketing for the practice which has resulted in tremendous growth.

As a result, I took my father’s well established and successful practice and practically doubled it within a very short period of time with the help of AMI.


I am using AMI’s consulting services again to help me make more changes, including transitioning my new associate into the practice. I now have 5 staff and patient service has never been better. The new associate immediately generated income and the practice has jumped up again dramatically and stably.

This year is the first time in my life I am taking a 3-week holiday and I can’t say enough about how much I am going to enjoy that!


If you own a practice and feel that it could go to a new level in production and net income, or if your hours are too long or you have staff issues, you should have an AMI Practice Analyst meet with you to assess your potential and then:  JUST DO IT!  If everything goes as well as it has for me, you will be able to have the practice of your dreams and a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Abigail Feige, Denturist