Free Practice Analysis

Practice Analysis

This free, in-depth analysis will help you find out what your practice’s full potential is and learn how we can help you achieve the practice of your dreams.


Customized, one-on-one coaching with a consultant who has literally worked with hundreds of individual practice owners to help them move every aspect of their practices into their ideal scene.

Management Courses

Management Courses

From people skills, to executive skills, to statistical management tools, to treatment presentation skills, and much more are offered one-on-one in our Professional Training Academy on a schedule that works for you.

Sales Workshop

A truly Canadian, 2 day workshop for you and your team to polish up your treatment plan presentation skills to the level needed so your clientele will go ahead with the care they deserve to have.

Office Manager training

We have several different approaches to training your right hand person; there is a short route and a full scope route.