Taking things up a notch

Taking Things Up a Notch

Have you noticed that people are expecting more and better service for their money than ever before? And have you ever sat down with your team and worked out in detail how each aspect of your practice could give a little more or better service to your patients or clients? The practices or clinics that

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You Know You Are A Micro Manager If…

you worry about what to do about the squeak in the cabinet door in your office when you are at home you require every decision your staff make, even on the smallest detail, be brought to you for approval you personally keep close track of your supplies like how many rubber gloves are being used

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Empathy: The HEART of the Practice

Ever worked with someone who, upon hearing a misfortune that you just experienced, reacted by saying, “You’ll get over it, move on.” Or, “Life sucks, nothing you can do about it.” Or, “Really! You DO have a lot bad things happen to you, don’t you?” You could say that this person has “no heart.” Clearly,

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Shortcut to Prosperity

Is There A Shortcut To Prosperity?

You have problems if you focus too much on making money or too much on production. If you focus too much on making money, all you think about is “get money, get money, get money”. You borrow as much money as you can. You convince people to pay for services or goods you have not

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How Do You Handle Life’s Roadblocks?

When you feel stopped from accomplishing something, how do you respond? Get frustrated and give up? Drown your sorrows? Blame others? Blame yourself? Finding excuses is a popular way of explaining why you didn’t meet your goal. And of course, many people just give up. But how SHOULD you handle life’s roadblocks? Write down your

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It’s Not Too Late…

…to make your New Years Resolutions stick! 1. Powerful Goals When making or setting your goals, THINK BIG, but don’t go outside of your concept of reality. Be very specific … in fact, the more specific you are, the more chance you have of accomplishing them. They may be short term or long term. If

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Increase Your Survival Potential

Knowing how a practice is performing and how to increase its profitability are most efficiently accomplished through the use of statistics. Some people call them “performance metrics” and others may say “practice metric monitors,” but in any case, they are referring to the numbers which measure the productivity of the various areas of the practice.

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… and the whole world smiles with you! Has anyone frowned at you lately? Did one of your friends or colleagues look a little serious or preoccupied? Did it make you feel good? Probably not! There have been many studies to show that smiling increases your own personal health, but even further, if you smile

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A Calm Environment

For your patients’ sake as well as your own and your staff’s, keeping a lid on tempers and angry outbursts in a practice is an important skill. Creating a calm working environment can increase the efficiency and level of production. Getting angry may be the correct response to some situations. Yet blowing up and overreacting

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Jack and Jill Story

Jack tries to get along and not cause trouble. His neighbor plays loud rock-an-roll music all night long, so Jack buys ear plugs. Jack hates leaving his apartment as the building lobby is full of boxes and junk; he just steps around the mess. His co-worker makes Jack pick him up for work each day

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Winging It

The other day as I was analyzing a practice, I asked the doctor if she manages by statistics and she replied, “No, we wing it.” She had the grace to laugh as she said it, knowing that that was a less than optimum answer for her practice. Ever wondered why your practice stats go up

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Internal Marketing: Show you care

In the rush and crush of your daily practice, you may sometimes find yourself a little short on tenderness or empathy. Some of you seem to be born with more compassion than others. Some may have to work on it and practice living in the other person’s shoes to really get the hang of this.

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