Dr. Steve O’Brien

608-100 Arden Street
Moncton, NB E1C 4B7

I was getting frustrated with my Dental practice. To me the numbers were OK but I wanted to get into advanced restorative and esthetic dentistry. I knew I would grow more and more bored with “fillings” and the ever-present staffing problems and the answer to me seemed to be to take it “up a notch”.

However being in my 50’s I could not afford any big errors. I had engaged a well-known practice management company in the late 90’s and although I learned a lot, I lost about a third of my practice as a direct result of some policy changes I instituted at their direction. I couldn’t afford a repeat of this. As well I found that although staff problems were minimal while I was under the consultant’s direct coaching, things soon went back to the old ways.

In 2003, I attended one of AMI’s seminars and I felt they had something for me. After meeting with their practice analyst, I signed up for the program. What AMI offered was a coached program that set specific goals and measured them with easy stats.

I now have a highly motivated team led by a treatment coordinator who really runs my practice. I am now one of the top producing prosthetic dentists, I’m doing lots of complex restorative and esthetics, and my practice grosses almost twice what it did when I started with AMI.

And finally, I now have the tools I need to run my own ideal practice.

Dr. Steve O’Brien, Dentist

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