Dr. Mark Bodnar

Bedford Chiropractic Clinic
202 – 1475 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS B4A 3Z5

Almost a year ago I received a mailing from the Art of Management. I had received similar mailings in the past and this one was destined to follow the others into the trash. I figured that all practice management seminars were the same – techniques for ramming more patients through the office or advertising gimmicks to attract new patients.

This time the name on the reference letter caught my eye – it was someone I knew from CMCC, someone whose judgment I trusted. The idea of boosting my practice was tempting – after 5 years of progressive growth the addition of a new associate had stalled my patient flow. After a positive discussion about The Art of Management program with a few past classmates I decided to take a leap of faith.

Now, 10 months after signing on with The Art of Management the change has been phenomenal – significant growth, I’m not working any harder (actually a few less hours) and less stress managing my office staff. The course has more than paid for itself already.

The best part is I didn’t have to sacrifice my integrity – I continue to build a medical referral practice and provide evidence-based care to my patients.

Friends always ask me what I learned but there is no one single secret to running a business well – The Art of Management has built a program combining one-on-one consulting, business management courses and patient management tools to help build your whole practice. More importantly, to teach you how to take control of all aspects of your business and keep it running smoothly.

I’m glad I followed through and tried The Art of Management program – I strongly suggest that others consider the possibilities before this reference letter goes in the trash!

Dr. Mark Bodnar, Chiropractor