Dr. Gilles Lecours

812 George St.
Hearst, Ontario P0L 1N0
(705) 372-1601

Dear Colleagues:

Upon graduation from dental school, I decided to embark into a partnership. Even though I had joined in with excellent professionals, I found I was very restricted. The business side of my practice had big, undiagnosed weaknesses.

With the help of The Art of Management, we were able to pinpoint those problems and they provided me with all the advice and tools to rectify the situation.

In the past an associate was out of the question. However, now that I have turned things around, not only MUST I incorporate an associate but I am now contemplating hiring a fourth hygienist. My stress level is lower, and my income and the practice are growing.

The Art of Management has been the best investment of my career. It will work for you too.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Gilles Lecours, Dentist