Dr. Curtis Bain

Dr. Curtis Bain O.D. Perth Eye Clinic
6 Wilson Street East

Perth, On K7H 3E2

Dear Colleague,

It was three years ago that I first became acquainted with the Art of Management through a seminar in Ottawa, and since then we’ve never looked back. Our practice is thriving, we are netting more and working less.

The Art of Management has helped me to better understand the dynamics of creating an efficiently run practice. Specifically, keeping practice statistics has been invaluable in growing our revenues. The Art of Management makes it easy to track your numbers in a few key areas.

In addition, we have found their counsel on human resource to be especially rewarding. The Art of Management has helped us to construct a winning team and to better handle difficult people and situations. The bonus system they suggest is easy to administrate, and their personality profiles are extremely helpful in hiring.

Finally, Bob Wheeler’s management acumen and common sense approach take a lot of the headaches out of everyday practice. Setting and attaining goals for yourself and your practice keeps optometry interesting.

Every optometric practice owner should receive advanced management training and counsel. This company is not interested in the quick fix. Instead they will teach you the skills you need to effectively manage your practice on your own. You will have better control of your life and job satisfaction will rise. The return on investment from the Art of Management is significant.


Dr. Curtis Bain, Optometrist