Ready for an Associate

Ready for an Associate?

How do you know when you are “ready” to hire an associate.…

Increasing Word of Mouth

There is hardly a practitioner in Canada (or anywhere) that does…
Asking for Money

Asking Patients to Pay

Sitting at the front desk of a healthcare practice can be a lot…
Time for change

The Right Equipment

Have you ever had a piece of equipment break down at the exact…
Fast Track

Fast track to achieving your goals

If you own a practice, you have goals.  For some practitioners,…

Make time stand still?

Does it sometimes feel like your life is rushing by and you can’t…
Wrong Profession?

Wrong Profession?

Many professionals over the years have woken up one day to the…
Top Performer

Sustainable Growth

Many healthcare practice owners dream of having their practice…
Who does the Marketing

Do Your Staff Have Hidden Talents?

When you hire your staff (if you didn’t inherit them with the…
Action Plan

How to Get Out of a Slump

For varying reasons, most practices experience slow periods in…

New Patients from Cross Referrals

There are literally hundreds of marketing ideas that work to…

Shutting Down for the Summer?

By survey, very few practitioners actually WANT their practice…