Top Performer

Sustainable Growth

Many healthcare practice owners dream of having their practice…
Who does the Marketing

Do Your Staff Have Hidden Talents?

When you hire your staff (if you didn’t inherit them with the…
Action Plan

How to Get Out of a Slump

For varying reasons, most practices experience slow periods in…

New Patients from Cross Referrals

There are literally hundreds of marketing ideas that work to…

Shutting Down for the Summer?

By survey, very few practitioners actually WANT their practice…

Can't get away from work?

These days with cell phones, texting and email, it seems that…

You Can’t Buy Loyalty

The definition of loyalty is:  “a strong feeling of support…
Never lose hope

Never. Lose. Hope.

Sometimes life deals you some “not so desirable” blows that…

What is your DREAM practice?

There are a number of phases one goes through as a healthcare…

Reboot Your Practice

Definition of reboot (verb):  Restart or revive, give fresh…

There is always a solution!

Some days it seems that life is one big, huge problem (or a million…
Fighting Lethargy

Fighting Lethargy

Lethargy is a dangerous “disease” that sneaks up softly and…